Established in 1985 by INRIA researchers, Robosoft is recognized as a leading supplier of Advanced Robotics Solutions throughout Europe and beyond. Its experience in robotics, more precisely in subsets integration and automatic control, allows providing operational robotic solutions in 5 areas: Health (assistive mobile robots for elderly and handicapped people), Security (remotely operated mobile robots for tele-presence and work in hazardous areas), Transport (automatic transport of goods and people), Education and research in robotics, Cleanliness (automatic floor and windows cleaning).

Projects related to ARNICA: MARIO and ENRICHME (H2020 PHC 2015- 2018), Companion robot to assist elderly with a large scale evaluation; DOMEO (AAL 2009-2012), Companion robot for cognitive and daily assistance of elderly people. MOBISERV (FP7 2010-2012), An integrated intelligent home environment including a companion robot for the Provision of Health, nutrition and mobility services to the elderly; Pramad2 (National project 2011-2014), Companion robot to assist elderly.


Dr. Vincent Dupourque
45 Allée Théodore Monod, Technopole d’Izarbel
64210 Bidart



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