ECHORD++ funds small-scale research projects called experiments with a maximum duration of 18 months. Cooperative research is done in academia-industry consortia, based on actual used cases.

To promote the fast uptake of robotics technology, the first ECHORD project (2009 – 2013) introduced a unique instrument to the landscape of European funding with the experiments. This flexible new instrument made it easy to tackle the industry’s most urgent technology needs. Allowing for cooperation between partners without the restrictions of EU-funded projects in terms of nationality (as the eligibility criteria of Framework Programme 7 dictated), ECHORD facilitated the introduction of robotics technology into industry in more than 50 small projects.

Continuing the tradition of ECHORD, 31 experiments are funded by ECHORD++, selected from two open calls. 15 experiments, conducted by 35 partners, have been selected for funding out of 136 submitted proposals from the first call in 2014. 16 experiments, selected out of 114 proposals, joined ECHORD++ in 2016. To see all these experiments at a glance, take a look at the overview below or download our experiment brochure.

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Agricultural and Food Robotics
Cognitive Tools and Workers
General Purpose Robotic Co-Workers
Medical and Rehabilitation Robotics
Cognitive Logistics Robots for Industry