2F – Flooring Fellow

the flooring fellow robot

The Flooring Fellow (2F) experiment aims at developing a co-working robot for specific floor building functions: grout removal and floor washing with acid. The developed co-working robot, together with a range of accessory, will provide increased safety, ergonomics and eco-sustainability during specific working phases.

The 2F robot’s mobile base will be provided with a sponge system and a mechanism to apply proper sponge pressure. The system will be powered by a lithium battery, avoiding the use of heavy power cables, and the battery pack will be extractable and portable. Navigation sensors and Robot Operating System (ROS)-based navigation software will give the robot a proper level of autonomy. The system will also be provided with both an autonomous and a manual control mode: a user interface for tablet and smartphone will be developed for configuration, set up and control of the robot.

The use of 2F will have a direct impact on the entire working cycle related to flooring realization. It will decrease the risk of an electric shock for construction workers and expose them to less noise and vibration than current machinery. In total the labour time needed for floor building will be reduced as well.

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