Digital Innovation Hubs annual event in Warsaw

Date:16 November 2018 - By:Anna Principato - Category:

The EU-funded project ECHORD++ was the first European project to set up Robotic Innovation Facilities offering access to high-tech robotic equipment and expertise to research organisations, companies and institutions.

ECHORD++ presenting lessons learned from Robotic Innovation Facilities (RIFs) at the DIH annual event in Warsaw, 27 & 28 November

The 2018 edition of the Digital Innovation Hubs annual event will take place in Warsaw, co-organised this year by the European Commission, the Department of Innovation at the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, and the EU-funded initiative I4MS.

The aim of this event is to reinforce the capacity of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to support European companies in their digital transformation. SMEs, start-ups, research and technology organisations, DIHs and policy-makers from all around Europe are invited to participate.

Marie-Luise Neitz from Technical University of Munich is the coordinator of the ECHORD++ project. She will give a talk at the DIHs to deploy AI and robotics across Europe – session on tuesday 27nd at 4:30 p.m.

The session will bring together DIHs focusing on AI and robotics to showcase their achievements in supporting SMEs.

The session will present how the collaboration between the DIHs on AI and robotics can be further enhanced across the EU and in particular discuss how the link between them and other DIHs can be facilitated in future, also under the Digital Europe Programme.

The panel will also discuss how to optimise synergies and collaboration between the AI-on-Demand platform, the “toolbox for AI” and the DIHs network, “distribution channel for AI”.


Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. Plac Trzech Krzyży 3/5, 00-507 Warsaw, Poland