WeLead goes to the second round

Date:23 Mai 2019 - By:Christine - Category:

WeLead 2018, women leaders in artificial intelligence, engineering and robotics, is a journey into a new era of robotics and artificial intelligence, where we will learn about women’s research, meet interesting people, and most importantly, draw attention to the extraordinary work that women are doing in these technical fields. On June 25, 2019 at 6:30 pm there will be a second round for this amazing conference.

Women in Autonomous Driving

Is autonomous driving a male-dominated field? This technology, one of the ground breaking applications of AI and robotics cannot be just populated by males in the scientific, technical and leadership areas. Do you want to know more? All gender and backgrounds are invited to this event where three renown speakers will share their knowledge about the algorithms, the technology and the future of the autonomous cars.

You find more information here: http://weleadwomen.wordpress.com

You can register here: www.eventbrite.de/