Tell us all about the ECHORD++ project, Sebastian!

Date:26 Oktober 2018 - By:Anna Principato - Category:

Sebastian Weisenburger, PR Specialist from TUM, in charge of disseminationof the ECHORD++ project, explains the EU funded project ECHORD++ in a way, which is easy to understand for everyone.


Sebastian, whose background is in Philosophy and Politics, shares with us how he got into Robotics, and why his background was benficial for this job.

He describes the structure of the EU-funded ECHORD++ project and what makes it unique.

ECHORD++ works with application oriented research, bringing together academia, industry and end users under the banner “From lab to market”.

“It is important  for people to step out of their worlds, talk to people from other domains and exchange ideas and needs of researchers and end-users of the technology”, says Sebastian,

“ECHORD++ bridges this gap between R&D and the end-user”.

In this interview we hear about Public end-user Driven Technological Innovation (PDTI), where currently one challenge is running in healthcare and one in urban robotics.

We also learn about the Robotic Innovation Facilities (RIFS), which are open labs that offer high-tech equipment and expertise for private people and SMEs.

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