Meet female research

Date:23 Oktober 2018 - By:Christine - Category:

Ladies (and Gentlemen!), November 17th is your opportunity. Come and meet some of the most interesting and successful women working on artificial intelligence with their human intelligence. The conference WeLead (Women Leaders in Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and Robotics) showcases the contribution of women’s research and the extraordinary work that they are doing in these technical fields. It takes place at TUM Audimax (on main campus in downtown Munich) from 3-7 pm.

WeLead offers a journey into a new era of robotics and artificial intelligence and provides three dissemination technical talks and one life experience speech. One of the talks will be given by Dr. Elena Garcia, member of ECHORD++ and one of the researchers of the Exotrainer experiment, which is now commercialized as ATLAS2030 by Marsi Bionics.

Use this opportunity to meet and talk to the WeLeaders, to colleagues and to share experiences. The conference is free of charge, but you need to register on