DEBUR – Automated robotic system for laser deburring of complex 3D shape parts


Die casting is a manufacturing process used for the production of large volumes of parts of light alloys, such as aluminium, zinc or magnesium alloys. Among the finishing operations, the deburring process is a key step, whereby raised edges or small, unwanted pieces of materials attached to the part are eliminated.
With the currently used cutting press machines the cutting sometimes is imprecise, therefore it is necessary to include other steps in the finishing of the parts. These steps like inspection, review and manual deburring and sanding with abrasive tools make the deburring stage more costly. Furthermore, the need to manufacture cutting dies and tools for the various possible shapes of the parts as well as the wear that these cutting tools suffer after several production cycles produce further costs.

The DEBUR experiment is dedicated to the design and set up of an automated robotic station for laser deburring of metal castings of three-dimensional, high quality, complex parts. In particular, it is intended to develop a flexible, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly prototype, able to improve the quality, cost and cycle time of finishing operations of aluminium-injected components.




Carlos Soriano



Íñigo Yániz