INLOC Robotics

INLOC Robotics is a recently created company which was born on September 2013, although it definitively constituted on June 2014 on a legal basis, after a clear market need is identified for precise localization of mobile devices working in buried infrastructures. INLOC Robotics is a research oriented SME with a main line of activity focused on providing solutions for accurate localization of mobile robots operating in buried infrastructures, so these infrastructures can be correctly mapped onto existing GIS (geographic information system) applications. Therefore, what INLOC offers are particular solutions (in the form of algorithms and, if required, set of sensors and necessary electronics to handle sensor information and feed the developed algorithms) for localization (accurate 3D localization) and autonomous navigation (hence solving the problems of position tracking and path following, including obstacle avoidance). INLOC’s solutions are especially designed for GPS denied environments, although they can as well fuse GPS information in the case it is available. Additionally, INLOC Robotics, offer a secondary line of work related to solve general automatic control problems, including computer vision, control algorithms (low or high level control problems) and related electronics if necessary.


Dr. Josep M. Mirats Tur
Quatre Camins 89
08348 Cabrils



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