Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (HSJD) is a private not-for-profit hospital that provides top-level technological health care services for children and pregnant women. As one of the most important paediatric medical centres in Spain, it combines basic general paediatrics with specialized care for all tertiary-level paediatric pathologies, in particular infectious diseases, neonatology, neuroscience, oncology, endocrinology, cardiology and orthopaedic surgery. Annually it attends more than 25.115 in-patient admissions, 213.936 emergencies and 4.102 child births. HSJD has a reference Unit of Neuromusular Diseases in Spain. The team of this unit has extensive experience on multicentric clinical research studies, aimed at both, new drugs and also new methods of functional assessment and rehabilitation treatment. HSJD will be involved in EXOTrainer in the definition of requirements for SMA active orthoses and in the clinical evaluation of the gait exoskeleton.


Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (HSJD)
Gabriel Ardoíno 714
B1704EIP Ramos Mejía
Buenos Aires | Argentina