Consorci Sanitari del Garraf

Consorci Sanitari del Garraf – CSG (before Fundació Privada Sant Antoni Abat – ABAT)

The  Consorci  Sanitari  del  Garraf (CSG) is  a  non-profit public consortium that  has  provided  health  and social services since 1999. Until July 2016 he has carried out his research and innovation projects in health through the Sant Antoni Abat Foundation and the Health care is known by the foundation since the 14th century. Now is the CSG who continues to carry out such projects. It’s located in Garraf Region (151.051 Hab.), in Barcelona province.  The CSG is responsible for Garraf’s public health care. This institution has a wide portfolio of health services, among which the geriatrics service stands out. The geriatrics service of CSG  is  focused  on  clinical  and  social  care  of  older people (geriatric  patients)  and is  authorized  to train medical  doctors  specializing  in geriatrics  medicine since  2006.  This  hospital  has  diverse  geriatric  care  levels:  Subacute  Care Unit,  Intermediate  Care  Unit, Long-term   Care   Unit,   Psycogeriatrics   Unit,   Day   Hospital   Unit,   Home   Geriatric   Visiting   Unit   and Ambulatory  Care  Unit. Thus,  the  hospital is  able  to  offer  a  continued support  of  care for  older  people. Also, CSG manage the Consortium for Service to Persons which provides social services.  CSG focus on health and social research issues involving vulnerable older people. The consortium can coordinate the delivery of health and social services through its staff. Thus, our main contribution for research projects is carried out through participation as place for field trials and feedback from health and social professional involved in the care of older people to technological partners. The  team  of  the  Consorci  Sanitari  del  Garraf,  apart  from  being involved  in  geriatric  care,  as reglular   staff   of   the   Geriatrics   Department,   has   extensive   experience   in conducting epidemiological  studies  on  the  elderly  population  and,  in  collaboration  with  technological partners,  participating  in  technological  research (CAALYX-FP6, eCAALYX-FP7, HELP-AAL and H2020),  from  its  conception  through  the  validation (are also experts in designing clinical trials with technological products).


Research, Innovation and Teacher Department

Antonio Yuste Marco

César Gálvez Barrón

Esther Valldosera Dorado
Phone: +34 938960025

Ronda Sant Camil s/n

08800 Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona)