BROCA Hospital Paris (APHP)

Broca Hospital is a public University Hospital in Geriatrics and belongs to the largest hospital and university centre in Europe. Broca hospital includes medical care, research and teaching activities in Geriatrics with a day care hospitalization (with 5000 consultations of outpatients per year), acute and rehabilitation care hospitalisation, long-term hospitalisation, an expert memory clinic (see below) and a Geriatric network in the community. The academic research team, Living Lab LUSAGE, which is a member of the European Network of Living Labs (EnoLL) is focused on medical and psycho-social interventions using technologies for older adults. LUSAGE’s work is conducted within a multi-dimensional framework including medical, social and ethical expertise which enables LUSAGE to participate in national and international clinical trials and research projects. As a geriatric hospital, a research center and a living lab, the institution can participate in the following tasks: recruitment of older adults, assessment of end-users needs, evaluation of the devices (prototypes, stand-alone devices and final product) for older adults in lab’s and field trials in hospital, in day care centers and at home. The evaluations encompass usability and acceptability tests including medical, psychological, neuropsychological, sociologic and anthropologic approach, evaluation of efficacy of the developed devices, reflection on ethics and technologies for older adults. LUSAGE has been involved in national and European projects which aim at evaluating the benefit of ICT including robotic solutions developed for the needs of elderly persons (TANDEM, QUOVADIS, Robadom, PRAMAD, CompanionAble (FP7), Vassist (AAL), T&T-net (AAL) projects.


Anne-Sophie RIGAUD
Geriatrics Department
2 Avenue Victoria
75004 Paris



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