Elettric 80 S.p.A.

Elettric80 was established in the 1980s in Viano, in the Italian province of Reggio Emilia. The company is specialized in the implementation of flexible and modular integrated automation solutions, designed for high-volume consumer products manufacturers, mainly in the food, beverage and tissue industries, as well as in diversified sectors such as ceramics and plastics.
In 1992, BEMA was also founded in Viano, to develop robotics systems synergistic with those of Elettric80. Currently, Elettric80 has installed more than 2000 robotic systems and 4500 Laser Guided Vehicles worldwide and has collaborated with Tetra Pak at a global level since 2007.



Elettric 80 S.p.A.
Via G. Marconi, 23
42030 Viano (RE) / Italy

Internet: www.elettric80.com

Francesco de Mola
Email: demola.f@elettric80.it