SAS is an autonomous body attached to the Health Ministry of the Andalusian Regional Government at Spain. SAS is the healthcare provider for 8,302,923 inhabitants. It includes 66 Hospitalization Units for income patients and 17 Ambulatory Care Units for ambulatory patients, The Virgen del Rocío and Virgen Macarena University Hospitals of Seville will be the hospitals participant from this organization involved in the project. It is currently the largest hospital complex of the public health system of Spain. It is composed of 4 Hospitals, 5 Day Care Hospital and 6 Ambulatory Care Units. Specifically, the team participating is the Rehabilitation Department and the Group of Technological Innovation (GiT). The GiT is pioneer and expert in the areas of semantic interoperability, eHealth, medical imaging, and process reengineering. Both groups have been working in robotics applied to patients with acquired cerebral damage since 2009. Both participated in the REWIRE project funded by FP7 and in other national projects as ACROSS, THERAPIST and SIRMAVED. These projects applied robotic technology and virtual reality for rehabilitation and evaluation of patients.


Cristina Suarez-Mejias
Group of Technological Innovation
Virgen del Rocío and Virgen Macarena University Hospitals
Avda. Manuel Siurot s/n, C.P.
41013 Seville



PDTI consortium