ECHORD++ at IROS Madrid 2018

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ECHORD++ will present five prototypes in the EU Exhibition Area within the IROS: CLARC, EXOTRAINER, LINarm++, SIAR, and ANYmal (MODUL) with its own booth in the main exhibition area.

Do not forget to mark the ECHORD++ Forum on Wednesday, October 3rd  at 4:30 p.m in your calendars.



“ECHORD++: Advances in Robotic Science Supporting Innovation”

on October 3rd from 16:30 to 18:00 Room 1.R.3 – La Habana  NEW ROOM NUMBER!!

IROS 2018 Madrid, Spain

This forum will be sharing the innovative results of 35 robotic experiments financed under the ECHORD++ European Project and the lessons learned in the innovative procedures developed during the past five years.



of the ECHORD++ Forum “ECHORD++: Advances in Robotic Science Supporting Innovation”

moderated by GEOFF PEGMAN, Managing Director of RURobots


16:30-16:45. Overview

Dr. CECILE HUET, Head of Unit Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Directorate-General CONNECT, European Commission


16:45-17:00. Looking back on 10 Years of ECHORD++ – a Retrospective

Prof. Dr.-Ing. ALOIS KNOLL, Technical University of Munich, Germany


 17:00-17:10. Prototypes

Prof. Dr. CHRIS MELHUISH. Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Bristol, United Kingdom


 17:10-17:20. Public end-users Driven Technological Innovation

Prof. Dr. ALBERTO SANFELIU, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain


17:20-17:30. Experiments

Prof. Dr. PAOLO DARIO,  The BioRobotics Institute – Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna, Pisa, Italy


17:30-17:50. Prototypes

PAULO ALVITO, USE-UPO-IDMIN. PDTI Urban prototype for Sewer Inspection. SIAR


17:50-18:00. Conclusions



After the Forum drinks and snacks will be served for all the participants

For further information, see IROS2018 website