VR Lovers can now visit the ECHORD++ RIFs on VeeR

Date:8 August 2017 - By:Anna Principato - Category:

You don’t need to travel to get a realistic impression of what the ECHORD++ RIFs in France, Italy and the UK offer.  Just step into the 360° videos of our Robotics Innovation Facilities (RIFs) and decide what you want to see.

Whether it is the Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot or a 6 axis industrial robot with integrated force/torque sensor, a large twin arm gantry robot with payload capacity of 200kg per arm, an advanced high transparency 6 DOF robot, wearable sensors for physiological parameters or a fully equipped 200 m2 apartment representing future assisted living environments  – you decide what you want to see, as the video plays.

Thousands of VR video lovers have already experienced the 360° ECHORD++ Lab Tours on http://veer.tv/vr/ECHORD. Watching videos on VeeR does not require to own a headset, videos can easily be enjoyed in 2D mobile mode by moving your smartphone.

The ECHORD++ RIFs are robotic labs offering access to high-tech robotic equipment, financed via the ECHORD++ project by the European Commission. Every company, institution or research organisation can apply for a RIF engagement, no matter which area they come from and whether they already have robotics experience or not. The application process is simple, by just filling in the online application form: http://echord.eu/rifpanel/