Innorobo 2017 – visit ECHORD++ in “Dock Pullmann” at stand Q20

Date:5 Mai 2017 - By:Sebastian Weisenburger - Category:

Innorobo 2017 is the event where passionate thinkers and makers of the robotics transformation gather to accelerate emerging robotics innovations to market. Innorobo 2017 will take place from 16th – 18th May in Paris, France. You can meet ECHORD++ in “Dock Pullmann” at stand Q20 and discover the outstanding robotics technology developed by our experiments HyQ-REAL, Fastkit, EXOTrainer and RadioRoSo.

  • Fastkit: The objective of FASTKIT is to provide a low cost and versatile robotic solution for logistics using a unique combination of mobile robots and Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (CDPR). The FASTKIT prototype addresses an industrial need for fast picking and kitting operations in existing storage facilities while being simple to install, maintaining existing infrastructures and covering large areas.
  • EXOTrainer: EXOTrainer introduces wearable gait exoskeletons for the therapy of children affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). SMA is caused by a genetic defect, the disease manifests in various degrees of severity, which all have in common progressive muscle wasting and mobility impairment. Walking is the key to retarding the evolution of side effects of SMA and EXOTrainer is expected to provide an improved therapy approach through wearable gait exoskeletons. EXOTrainer addresses children as a new target group, particularly because current commercial devices are targeted to adult paraple­gics. EXOTrainer will improve the quality of life of children affected by SMA and increase their life expectancy.
  • HyQReal: will bring the four-legged HyQ2Max robot from the laboratory to real-world applications. HyQ2Max is an improved version of HyQ, a robot that has demonstrated a wide repertoire of indoor/outdoor motions ranging from running and jumping to careful walking over rough terrain. The project partners are the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)  in Genova and the British company MOOG, the world leader in reliable, high-performance actuation systems for aerospace and motorsport.
  • RadioRoSo: The scope of RadioRoSo is decommissioning operations performed in nuclear waste storage facilities. A significant amount of old and undocumented nuclear waste is buried underground in unused mines in several countries and many of these facilities, created as far as 50 years ago, pose a safety and environmental risk. The experiment will demonstrate that this job may be done by robots autonomously, much faster and with significantly lower cost.

We are happy to not only show cutting-edge robotics technology but also to offer free admission to the event. To get your free ticket for Innorobo 2017 sponsored by ECHORD++ please follow this link:

Your ticket code is INVECHORD.


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