FlexSight – Flexible and Accurate Recognition and Localisation System of Deformable Objects for Pick&Place Robots


The FlexSight experiment aims to provide a robotic solution for the “pick&place” class of applications with rigid and deformable objects. The project focuses on building a prototype smart camera – the FlexSight Sensor (FSS) – which can be integrated in the chassis of an existing robot to empower it with detection and localisation capabilities. The main objectives of the FlexSight experiment are: (1) Enable a robot to perceive a large and widespread class of rigid and deformable objects in an accurate and reliable way, with a particular emphasis on the computational speed of the whole system. (2) Implement a prototype of a compact industrial sensor (the FlexSight Sensor, FSS), that integrates all the required sensing and processing needed to run the detection and localization algorithms inside a robust and small chassis. (3) Integrate the FSS within a working system that will be tested in several industrial and logistic use cases.




Sapienza University of Rome
Alberto Pretto
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Robox S.p.A. Roberto Montorsi
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Stefano Tonello
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