Exploitation of Neuromorphic Computing Technologies – INNOVATION WORKSHOP on 3 February 2017 in Brussels

Date:2 Januar 2017 - By:Anna Principato - Category:

For many practical tasks, conventional computing systems cannot match the performance of biological systems. One of the reasons is that the architecture of nervous systems is based on billions of nerve cells, which communicate in parallel. Artificial brain-inspired hardware architectures (called neuromorphic computing “NMC” or sometimes cortical processing in the US) would be able to work with incomplete and noisy data, to find hidden causal relations and make predictions like the real brain does. They also have the potential to address many other challenges of modern computing, such as energy consumption and systems resilience.

Only few teams in the world have developed neuromorphic computing (NMC) systems yet. In Europe several efforts have been made at national level or European level, notably through the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme. Currently the Human Brain Project (HBP) FET Flagship is building a very large NMC Platform to allow neuroscientists and engineers to perform experiments under different configurations.

This workshop will bring the main NMC experts in Europe together with representatives of relevant industrial and academic partners from projects funded by the European Commission in potential application domains, in the context of the European R&I Framework Programmes (currently H2020): Robotics & AI, HPC, Big Data, IoT, Security, etc.

The participation is free of charge. Travel costs should be eligible under your grant agreement if you are currently part of an EU project. For better planning and security reasons, registration is mandatory. Please fill in the online registration form A confirmation email will be sent to you once the registration is verified.

For more details, see the agenda.