Barcelona opens its sewers for robots

Date:20 Oktober 2017 - By:Sebastian Weisenburger - Category:

This week, when you could see a manhole cover being opened in the streets of Barcelona, it could have been because of ECHORD++. Our projects ARSI and SIAR were undergoing field tests to demonstrate the abilities of the robots developed in the second phase of our PDTI scheme. It was truly fascinating to see the robots move underground and face the various challenges the teams encountered by bringing their technology to such a harsh environment. Lucky the robots don’t have human noses to smell…

We would like to thank not only the teams involved in PDTI, but also Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua (BCASA) for their hospitality and of course our expert evaluators for assessing the work of the teams. We are very much looking forward to continue with the third phase of PDTI in urban robotics.